Vintage Suitcases

Dan & Hayles WEB 029.JPG
Dan & Hayles WEB 029.JPG

Vintage Suitcases


We have got six vintage suitcases for hire, each come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours.

They look great piled up on top of each other, decorated with flowers and bunting or they make a great place for guests to place their cards and presents.


Suitcase 1: 49cm x 28cm x 16cm;
Suitcase 2: 55cm x 33cm x 17cm;
Suitcase 3: 46cm x 40cm x 29cm;
Suitcase 4: 50cm x 50cm x 30cm;
Suitcase 5: 69cm x 43cm x 20cm;

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